About Us

The Department of Visual Arts, often called the Visual Arts Department or VAD,  provides progressive educational and artistic experiance. Students will learn to think critically and strategically when creating and appreciating art. They will also participate in an aesthetic culture while recognizing art as an integral part of our global society. Students will receive effective and innovative instruction in traditional studio arts methods and materials as well as contemporary graphic arts technologies. Additionally, the practice based learning in studio courses is further enhanced by courses in art history and aesthetic theory. This foundation will prepare graduates to make informed, valued contributions to the global visual arts culture that expresses their diversity, our University and the communities we embody. Students will also have the self-discipline, motivation, and the expertise necessary to maintain their artistic activities and goals well into the future.

Students will have access to the Tullibody Fine Arts Center’s painting, drawing and sculpture studios as well as the graphic design lad and photography studio. Students will also get a chance to flex their creativity and show the world what they can do through regional workshops and hands-on experiences, like internships at area graphic design agencies, community service projects and exhibitions at the Callie Warren and Arthur Britt Fine Arts Galleries. The VAD also encourages students to be active memebers in the local art community by visiting art galleries, attending in artist talks, and participating in community shows.

The Department of Visual Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with concentrations in either Fine Arts or Graphic Design. Our program is fully accredited by the NAtional Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). All Art Studio classes meet for 6 contact hours per week and students are expected to match these hours outside of class on their own time. Art majors start enrolling in art classes their first semester. Those who plan to major in Art who do not follow the required freshman and sophomore class offerings may hinder a four-year graduation schedule. For more information about our degree program click here.