Why ASU?

Lili Spearman, Senior

[ASU] has always been a part of my life. My grandparents both attended and met

at Alabama State, and it was an honor to carry on that legacy. I couldn’t think of a better



Keenan Buford, Sophomore

 [I chose ASU,] because it was close to home, and because of the Art program.

I also enjoy the learning experience they provide.


Terry Mathis III, Senior

“. . . it’s close but far from home, as well as an historic HBCU.

Since being here I have grown as an individual mentally, physically, and academically.


Le’Derian Hartwell, Sophomore

 It’s close to home and it’s an HBCU.

I grew up in Montgomery, so it’s always been a dream to attend ASU as a child.


Nystasha Kelly, Senior

I’ve always looked at ASU as a great school to attend growing up in Montgomery,

so when I got the opportunity, I took it. ASU is indeed full of oppurtunities.

If i never came to ASU, I wouldn’t have the position I hold today as

the University student photographer .


Ashley Walker, Junior

“Coming here on a scholarship, I didn’t know what to expect. The faculty attracted me to the department- they inspire and motivate me and my artwork.”


Tamika Joy Johnson, Senior

“I chose ASU specifically for the Art Department. Here we are treated like an artist in training, not a student who can’t do anything yet. The Art Faculty never tell us we can’t do grand or impossible things. Instead, they help us plan realistically how to get there. The question ‘Why?’ is never a put down, but instead a gateway to critical thinking. They never hesitate to share experience and wisdom or direct us to additional resources. I feel empowered here. I feel encouraged here.  As an older student who finally decided to pursue my passions, ASU has provided me with something I’ve always needed; hope for my future.”