Why ASU?

Lili Spearman, Senior

[ASU] has always been a part of my life. My grandparents both attended and met

at Alabama State, and it was an honor to carry on that legacy. I couldn’t think of a better



Keenan Buford, Sophomore

 [I chose ASU,] because it was close to home, and because of the Art program.

I also enjoy the learning experience they provide.


Terry Mathis III, Senior

“. . . it’s close but far from home, as well as an historic HBCU.

Since being here I have grown as an individual mentally, physically, and academically.


Le’Derian Hartwell, Sophomore

 It’s close to home and it’s an HBCU.

I grew up in Montgomery, so it’s always been a dream to attend ASU as a child.


Nystasha Kelly, Senior

I’ve always looked at ASU as a great school to attend growing up in Montgomery,

so when I got the opportunity, I took it. ASU is indeed full of oppurtunities.

If i never came to ASU, I wouldn’t have the position I hold today as

the University student photographer .


Ashley Walker, Junior

“Coming here on a scholarship, I didn’t know what to expect. The faculty attracted me to the department- they inspire and motivate me and my artwork.”