Charmagne Andrews, Associate Professor


Art Appreciation, Introduction to Art, Sculpture I, II, and III, Three-dimensional Design

BIO: Charmagne Andrews began her professional career as a social worker and French language instructor in New Orleans, LA. Her undergraduate degrees are: a BA in Sociology/Social Work, and a BA in Fine Art  from Xavier University of Louisiana. Her graduate degrees include a Masters of Social Work from Tulane University School of Social Work, and an MFA from Michigan State University. During her graduate study in sculpture, Ms. Andrews worked in the African Media Center in Michigan State’s African Studies Center and took on supervisory responsibilities while the director was on leave. Her perspective on the world has been shaped by the opportunities she has had to travel in the United States and internationally. Her whole being has been particularly expanded by study trips to Cuba, France, Nicaragua, and Zimbabwe; and the priceless opportunity to experience the similarities, differences, and richness of these various cultures.

In graduate school, I was in an African dance group. Ashe’ to the teachers and drummers!