Solabela® Painter’s Palette Knives and Spatulas. Set of 5


Are you an amateur or a working artist looking to acquire the right tools to faithfully represent your creativity? Solabela® Painter’s Palette Knives Set of 5 fulfills many traditional purposes (mixing paint, scraping palette), but can also be used in more innovative ways. Many artists have proclaimed their love for painting with a knife which brings a more realistic texture and dimension a paintbrush ever will.

Choose from a large palette for multi use
Find real artistic freedom in the ability to pick and choose the right tool for you to create or render paintings with as much precision and detail as your skills and imagination allow

Stainless steel construction for reliable service
Manufactured to the highest standard, each one of the Solabela® Painter’s Palette Knife boasts a stainless steel upper part attached to a smooth cherry wood finished handle. The metal knife area elegantly curves out from the handle and extends to a solid diamond or square blade.
Working artists as well as novice agree that while the handle firmly holds and has a nice fit in the hand, the blade has a nice bounce to flexibly accompany each stroke and movement.
Palette knives are also much easier to clean than paintbrushes. Wipe off excess paint, use soap and water to clean the metal. In oil applications, use thinner or mineral spirits. Do NOT immerse in solvent or water.

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  • Square blade, 1 small Diamond blade, 1 medium Diamond blade, 1 elongated Diamond Blade, 1 large elongated Diamond blade
  • Stainless steel construction with wooden handles. Smooth cherry wood finish for a solid and nice fit in the hand. Reliable quality, long-lasting use
  • Freedom to choose, each knife/spatula executes a specific task with attention to detail. Must-have set covers various painting techniques and style
  • Wipe off excess paint. Use soap and water to clean the knives. In oil applications, use thinner or mineral spirits. Do NOT immerse in solvent or water
  • 100% Solabela® Satisfaction Guarantee



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