The Hive

Noni Gogins”

“Graphic Designer, FALL 2015



Currently is Freelance

Noni’s Work:

Osmond Curtis

Graphic Designer, FALL 2015”

Currently is Freelance

Osmond’s Curtis:ork:

Cory Speerman

Fine Arts, Fall 2014

Currently freelancing

Cory’s Work:

Brandon-Mykal Rambus

Graphic Designer, FALL 2015”]

Currently is employed at ESPN

Brandon’s Work:

Narricka Williams

Graphic Designer, Spring 2016”]

She is currently building up her portfolio and working with AAC.

Narricka’s Work:

Celeen Robertson

Fine Arts, Fall 2015”]

She is fathering her education at Florida State University, where she is studying Art Therapy.

Celeen’s Work:



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